Friday, June 18, 2010

Cristina is home!

On Wed. and Thur. I went down to Guayaquil with Blanca and Raquel to pick up Santiago and Cristina at the airport.  Cristina had been in the US studying for 9 months and Santiago had gone to pick her up and visit friends.  It was such a sweet reunion, and a fun time.

Don't steal the Ensure

I had to laugh when I saw all these cans of Ensure last Wed. in Guayaquil.  Apparently, they've had theft issues with the Ensure....  It just cracked me up!

Quiet times with the Lord

On Tue. and Wed. I went to a friends country house to help with the electrical wiring.  One of the youth from the church came a long to help.  Together Felipe and I had a good time learning how to wire and also talking about things of the Lord.  On Wed. morning I climbed on top of the house to have my devotions.  It was such a special time with the Lord, but I must admit I did get a little distracted by the sunrise.


This past Saturday I helped make donuts with Sarita and her family.  It was so encouraging to see everyone working together and to see the initiative each took in their tasks.  The Lord is good.

Science Experiments

Here's  a picture of Juan and Josue working on an experiment together.  In the process they were learning the fine art of soldering.  I forget how hard it is to learn to solder.  Burnt components, burnt fingers, burnt hands... all the pain of learning.  It took me back a few years when I was learning to solder.  Thanks for teaching me Uncle Ted!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bilingue Bible Program

This past school year, I've helped out with Bible and chapel services with the elementary children at the Bilingue school. Yesterday was the year-end closing with all the children together. We had puppets, songs, and acted out the story of the Good Samaritan. Here are a few pictures...