Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Sunday in Paute

This Sunday Kim and I went to Paute for much of the day.  Over my time here, I've gotten to know Gonzalo, who pastors a small church in Paute and he had invited me to come and preach.  It's a group of about 25 people who meet together, but it was encouraging to see their hunger and the men attending.  I preached on truth, lies and the battle of the mind.  (2Cor 10:1-6)
After the service, we ate lunch with Gonzalo's precious family... another cultural experience for Kim.  The menu was "mixto con guata".  In other words, rice, beef, and cow stomach stew.  If you can get your mind over the chewy parts being stomach, it's all very tasty.  I forget about how many cultural differences there are down here until a foreigner comes.  Kim does very well.
After lunch we went walked around town and then drove home with the family.  They are such a precious (short) family, and the kids are so cute.  I really enjoyed our time together.  Keep Gonzalo's ministry in prayer. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

A hat party...

My weeks continue to be busy with the homeschool families and church activities. Often I'll have 3-4 Bible studies to prepare each week. I really enjoy it, but have to make sure to calculate time in to prepare.
My cousin Kim continues to be a great blessings. Attaches are some pictures from last week.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kim's arrival

My cousin Kim arrived last weekend.  She's going to be down here for about 6 weeks helping out with the homeschool families and teaching English.
Kim arrived in Guayaquil on Friday.  I went down with Pastor Santiago, Blanca and JosuĂ© to pick her up.  After picking her up, we went to the beach, and then drove home Saturday afternoon.  Here are some pictures from the beach.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here is my latest newsletter.....

Last Saturday

Last Saturday took some pictures downtown and then went on a work project with the youth from the church.  Here are some pictures from my day...